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Dubai Travel With Rahulkumar

The problem with Dubai is, you need a month to see and do it all. We can’t say we’ve been there that long, but we’ve been there 3 times, each time as layovers en-route to Bangkok, Singapore, Mumbai, Kathmandu and beyond. Each time we’ve had a blast.

Each time we’ve done the same favourite things as well as added some experiences and tours. Here’s our round-up on things to do in Dubai to help you plan your Dubai trip.

We will most certainly be back to sample more, including the beaches and water parks and to experience more of the great quality Middle-Eastern accommodation, food and service that make Dubai such a stand-out destination.

We’ll also take more tours,  there are loads to take out of Dubai into surrounding areas.

If you’d like an overview of the tours, activities, transfers, boat trips, tickets, just everything awesome available from Dubai, then we can give you that. Looking at what’s available will really help you plan your Dubai itinerary.

Dubai is not, at all, our usual sort of destination, a lot of people stick their noses in the air and won’t even consider visiting Dubai. We were surprised how much we loved visiting, every time.

Yes, Royalbliss Holidays  found the excess hard to take after leaving the tent villages of the earthquake victims in Kathmandu. It upset us. However, Dubai is what it is and everywhere in the world has something unique and fascinating to offer.

This is a little tricky because much of it is personal taste. There are some hugely luxurious coastal resort hotels for holidaymakers but there are also thousands of options within the different areas of the city and on The Creek.

It really depends on what you want to get out of your trip. Dubai hotels certainly come in the luxury category and budget hotels in Dubai are, not so budget as elsewhere.

For the ultimate Dubai experience, try looking at Atlantis the Palm or Burj al Arab on Jumeira Beach, you’ll need a fat wallet but it would be an experience never to forget.

Did you know The Atlantis has water rides, shark encounters, a teen and kids club and more? This is a bucket list item to tick off, check it out at our Website Activity center

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